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How to Make a Rock Cry

“Her children rise up and call her blessed…” Proverbs 31:28

Whether we admit it or not, most mothers dream of this as their new child is getting ready to make an appearance into this crazy world. We imagine the child growing smarter and wiser as we pass on our knowledge and skills to them. We can see them looking at us with awe and adoration and telling everyone how wonderful their life was because of us. When they are grown, we will have had a hand in helping that precious little creation become who they are, and then we look forward to even just a thank you or an emulation of what we taught them.

God created much more than a child. He created everything we see and everything we don’t. He wants our praises and expects others to see the evidence in our daily lives that we belong to our Father. Humankind has followed a roller coaster of praise since we were first created. At times, our praises have been loud and many. Then, we start to forget who is responsible for our joy and our very existence. Our praises dim until God allows us to be reminded once again who created us and is deserving of our constant praise.

But what happens when humans refuse to worship God? What happens when the world actively tries to shut the mouths of God’s people as they praise Him?

“But He answered and said to them, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.” Luke 19:40

Stones will cry out! Have you ever heard a rock exclaim anything? I haven’t, but if I ever hear it I will assume that humans have officially gotten as low on the roller coaster as they could possibly go…Silence.

Jesus was saying this to the Pharisees who were asking Jesus to hush his disciples. The disciples were all praising their Lord in surround sound as they brought him into Jerusalem on a colt covered with garments. But Jesus knew the Pharisees would not get the satisfaction they hoped for just by silencing the disciples. God, the Almighty Creator, WILL BE PRAISED! Every tiny speck of creation will praise God…even the rocks.

Humans are God’s greatest creation of all, yet we are the most reluctant to offer praise to our maker. I believe we (at least in this country) are sitting at the bottom of a new hill on the roller coaster, preparing to ascend. Politics, sickness, and Godlessness have plunged us down to such a low point that we are forced to look upward from the bottom. Just like in ages past, our praises will again grow in number as the newly humbled masses begin to see God and the veil is lifted. Christ’s bride is rising up to praise our God because we dare not give the rocks cause to cry.

The Stone Pages

Of Stones and Monuments

A friend of mine recently shared with me a message from her Bible study about stone monuments. Monuments are an age old way for us humans to commemorate people or events. The study had revealed moments in the Old Testament where battles were won or trials were conquered, and the people would build up stones to mark the place of victory. Check out Exodus 12:14 where Moses built a monument of stones. (I’ll be posting more later on other stone monuments.) But why did they do this? Simple. They did it to remind themselves of evil that was defeated and/or the commands and faithful provisions from God. My friend suggested that we can gather stones today to represent our victories. Ecclesiastes 3:5 says there is definitely a season for gathering stones.

I would like to propose going a step further. We are in the midst of a battle like no other. For most of us, the current global struggle is the biggest battle we have ever or will ever see in our lifetime.

But… there are surely stones to gather during all of this. We have all been affected by the current storm, yet I have personally seen victories and miracles all around me. They have happened as the winds roar, the rain tears at us like teeth, and the waves crush. Some victories are tiny but some are mind-blowing. If we each gathered a stone as victories happen and God’s mercies are revealed, how big would our monuments be in a week, a month, a few years?

The truth is, we already know how the battle ends. Satan is afoot and doing his very best to do his very worst right now. But Scripture promises Satan’s defeat in the end. Great news: WE ALREADY KNOW HOW THIS BATTLE ENDS!!! (Revelation 12:9, Matthew 25:41 for starters.) If we know the victory over evil is coming and we know how big that victory will be, we should be preparing a monument like never before. I challenge you, brothers and sisters, to start gathering your stones! Real stones, people. I’m a science teacher, so I’ll let a literature teacher tackle the abstract side of this. Gather stones, my friends! Take notice of every single victory or blessing in your life, big or small. Then, find a stone to represent it. When this global battle is won, let us all bring our stones together and build a monument, lest we ever forget God’s grace and mercy, and how He carried us when we grew weak and tired. I have a feeling some of you already have monuments to build and plenty of stones to be found. How many stones will you gather?

As you begin gathering your stones, I pray that God shields your eyes from deception, puts a hedge of protection around you, and fills you with His peace that passes all understanding!! (See Phillipians 4:6)