The Curriculum

The Big Whisper

I read an article years ago about symbolism in our dreams and how to decode them. It was just some fun reading and I didn’t put much stock in it at the time. The article said that any snakes in the dream suggested someone in your life was lying to you or would lie to you in the near future. Your reflection could be an angel, but blue eyes could represent yourself. The symbol that stuck out the most to me was the lions. A dark lion represented Satan and a light lion represented God. I don’t know if there is actually any merit to that person’s analysis of dream symbols, but I do believe that God uses dreams as a way to whisper important messages to us. Look at the visions Joseph had in the Old Testament.

Joel 2:28 says, “And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.” But the same message reappears in Acts 2:17. God is still using dreams in His plan, so we should certainly pay attention. Warning: God does not like false statements of dreams, so always pray for discernment when hearing one. Ever since my first memory, I have had many vivid dreams. Sometimes the dreams would come daily and would keep me deep in thought the next day, especially when I was a child. I always wanted desperately to make sense of them, but never could. I have written some of them down over the years at the advice of my husband. Lately, I have been hearing more and more testimonies of dear ones around me having dreams and visions. As much as I would like to have an amazing vision to share, I don’t want it unless God sends it.

Well, I finally had a possibly prophetic dream. It wasn’t lengthy and it wasn’t odd or complicated. But before I had the dream, I was invited by my student’s parent to a recent dinner with the Tulsa City Elders. First, let me just say, “Wow!” This group is committed to reclaiming the city for God and carefully guarding the “city gates” with “elders”. I didn’t know such a group existed, but they are great in number and growing in strength. My husband accompanied me to the dinner and we spent the evening praying for our city and meeting brave people from different careers who are standing for God at their work. Rhonda, the parent who invited me, was eager to introduce me to different people who had heard about the letter I wrote about the hidden corruption in our public schools. One of the people Rhonda introduced me to was a lady representing the Republican GOP in Tulsa. She asked for my information and was very interested in hearing more. I look forward to speaking and meeting with her in the near future.

The speakers that night called for courage and action. They pointed out the level of corruption in our country and its exponential growth. They encouraged and empowered us to stand up and fight in God’s army. You know that scene in Coming to America where Eddie Murphy is at the rally and suddenly stands up and yells, “I am so happy to be here!”? I honestly felt like that. Their words were convicting and powerful. I was sitting there becoming more full of purpose by the second. There was this sense of urgency welling up in me, and when they mentioned what is happening to our youth and the influence teachers can have over that, I almost cried. God was calling me loud and clear. One of the final images on their giant screen that night was a beautiful light golden lion, standing majestically and fearlessly. I stared at the image and was full of hope and bravery.

Back to my dream…That night, I dreamed of a blonde lion with a full mane and muscles rippling as he walked slowly and confidently forward across the land. Flanking each side of this lion were several lionesses as beautiful as the lion. They were walking confidently by his side. As I looked at their feet, I noticed that the lionesses were trampling the people in society who represent evil; the greedy, the liars, the murderers, the deceivers. All of these people were being crushed as if they were delicate twigs.

At the City Elders dinner, one speaker had declared that we have not just “awoken a sleeping giant”, but that Christ’s bride (the church) is set to conquer the enemy, and Christ will not be satisfied until the enemy is crushed beneath His bride’s feet. Powerful! Perhaps my dream was simply confirmation that what I heard was valid, but I am confident it was from God. I am also confident that it is time for the church to rise up and walk confidently beside God. It is much harder to trample the enemy sitting down. So rise up! Rise up and join the battle! We already know how it ends!!!