The Curriculum

What Happened Next

“Some things have happened…”, she said. I had just sent a letter, exposing some worldly indoctrination in our school system, to the parents of my biology students a few days before and now it was my turn to receive a shocking email. Since my expository email, I had been receiving several responses thanking me for the information and for taking a risk reporting deceit and destructive measures within the school system. But this email was different and proved to be the beginning of a sweet friendship…two mothers fighting for our children’s innocence.

Her email begged me to call as soon as possible. I immediately called and a very excited woman answered, “I hope you’re not mad, but I kind of sent your email to someone.” She was practically breathless and kept apologizing. She had sent my email to her friend, Glenn Beck. She hadn’t expected him to read my email on his radio show the next day and was now worried about my response. I have always maintained that I shouldn’t have anything to hide if I am living in God’s will. That doesn’t mean I always adhere to that wisdom, but it is merely what I strive for. I assured my new friend that I was honored that he gave my letter such attention. She told me that something big had started and I was a part of it. I didn’t put much thought toward that statement, as I really only expected some surprised parents and a possible demotion or loss of job. Don’t misunderstand my calm words in response to the thought of losing my job. It would certainly cause financial trouble for my family. However, I learned a long time ago how useless dramatic exclamations are. Yelling and begging for sympathy is what one does when they do not expect help. My hope and trust is in God, so I don’t need to worry about my future. God WILL provide. I assumed that my warning to the parents would fizzle out as old news and be lost in a sea of other ignored moments of bravery from past teachers. I assumed my voice would be unheard or quickly dismissed and certainly wasn’t giving God the trust He deserves.

That evening, I came home to a peaceful and empty house. Although I cherish every moment my husband and children are around me, I sometimes appreciate those moments when they are all away at work and I am able to spend some time in silence. I opened up the radio broadcast and found the time marker my friend gave me, and I listened. I sat and cried as Glenn Beck said some of the kindest words, and as he encouraged people to step up their support for teachers everywhere. My letter was supposed to encourage parents and assure them that they were trusted to know what was best for their child. I wanted to restore their authority and confidence as parents. That is something public schools have cruelly stripped away from them. So many parents have been duped for so long into believing that they are not good enough and should just let the schools raise their children. Glenn Beck was extending my message further than I could have imagined. I immediately wrote him a reply thanking him for sharing my letter.

The next day, the same mother was texting me and urging me to watch Glenn Beck’s show again. He was reading my reply! I had assured him that I was not afraid to share my name and my actions. Now I watched, from my empty classroom, as he paused for a small eternity and then uttered my name. Now it was out there. I knew there was no turning back and immediately thanked God for the opportunity to take a bold stand against evil. Jesus cherished children so much that He encouraged us to be like them. As soon as Glenn Beck said my name I became aware that a revival was about to begin and I was being called to the front to fight. Whatever happens from here, I will see this battle through until God sends me elsewhere.